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DoveTail Deck

2.0D FORMLOK and 3.5D FORMLOK DoveTail Floor Deck is now available! 

Specification data is available now for both profiles and also includes hanging solutions and UL Fire Ratings. Literature is available for download from this page and visit for addtional information about DoveTail FORMLOK decks and other DoveTail Products. 

Vulcraft 3.5DA Acoustic DoveTail Ceiling/Roof Deck is a 3.5” deep profile. 3.5DA supports multiple types of roofing materials. Acoustic DoveTail also provides lateral force distribution to the structure’s vertical force resisting elements. Vulcraft Acoustic DoveTail’s strong performance characteristics do not interfere with its clean, modern appearance.

Specifications for DoveTail Roof and FORMLOK Composite Decks are available for free download on Arcat at:



Download PDF

2.0D FORMLOK Data Sheet

3.5D FORMLOK Data Sheet

DoveTail UL Fire Rating Data Sheet

DoveTail Hanging Solutions - Wedge Nut Data Sheet

DoveTail Deck Catalog - Welded

DoveTail Deck Catalog - Screws

DoveTail Deck Catalog - Pneutek Fasteners

DoveTail Deck Catalog - Hilti Fasteners

DoveTail Deck IAPMO Report