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PunchLok II

PunchLok II System

Vulcraft introduces the Vulcraft PunchLok® II System

The PunchLok II System:
• Provides higher shear values
• Less costly side seam attachments 
• Fast and Strong Connections with the pneumatic PunchLok II Tool
• Works with a range of Vulcraft  Roof and Floor Deck Profiles
• For use exclusively with 1.5PLB™ and 3.0PLN™, 1.5 PLVLI™, 2.0PLVLI™ and 3.0PLVLI™ Deck

The PunchLok II tool is manufactured by Verco Decking, Inc., a Nucor Company.

Use in accordance with user manual, product guidelines and appropriate safety measures.

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PunchLok II Design Guide & Catalog

PunchLok II Design Guide & Catalog Supplement - Pneutek Fasteners

PunchLok II Design Guide & Catalog Supplement - Hilti Fasteners

PunchLok II User Guide

PunchLok II Brochure

PunchLok II Specification

PunchLok II Installation Video

PunchLok II Installation Video