Vulcraft is ready to respond to the design challenges of engineers and architects.

The quality of Vulcraft steel joists are assured by the full-scale load testing that is part of our Quality Assurance system at each and every one of our facilities. This extraordinary step is unmatched in our industry. It also guarantees that you will always receive from us steel products worthy of your artistic vision and engineering prowess.

It should be noted that when you invite Vulcraft to be part of your design team, you get more than the highest quality open web steel joists and steel deck products. You get our expertise—knowledge that spans more than six decades. You get our history of innovation and leadership. You get a design partner for the lifetime of your project. In other words, you get our commitment to help you create world-class buildings.

Throughout our history, Vulcraft led the industry in developing superior products and practices that became standard-bearers adopted by the Steel Joist Institute. Products like KCS joists, composite joists, open web joist girders and super long span joists are all Vulcraft innovations. Yet many of the aforementioned products are simply our responses to engineers and architects who picked up the phone and asked for our help with a particular design challenge.

Our expertise is unique in the industry. With over one hundred staff engineers, over half of whom are registered professional engineers in the states where they practice, Vulcraft is prepared to tackle even the most daunting design challenges. We even developed our own proprietary engineering software to respond to your needs. The end result is that you get the solutions and products you require, with all designs and drawings rendered in the United States by the Vulcraft design team.